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Waterproofing Services Springfield IL


Protect Your Home from Flooding! For Waterproofing Services in Springfield IL. Call 309-216-4706 and Schedule a Free Quote from Pivotal Basement Solutions

The foundation that is so critical to the structural integrity of your home can settle due to shifting ground soil over time because of changes in the moisture levels.

This natural process can result in cracks that can permit more water and leakage into your basement. The moisture can then in turn lead to major issues such as bowing of your foundational walls and ensuring structural damages.

Another potential problem is the moisture attracts unwelcome pests like rodents, insects and even termites.

The basement waterproofing professionals at Pivotal Basement Solutions implement customized protection for residential basements that keep out those pest as well as minimize the risk that mold could spread.

Waterproofing Services Springfield IL

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Foundation Footing Specialists

Is your foundation settling, or do you have leaning walls? We have solutions.

Basement Water Problems

Do you have water in your basement? We have solutions.

Bowing Walls / Basement Wall Cracks

Are your basement walls bowing, or do you have cracks in your walls? We have solutions.