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Homes with a crawl space eventually will need to schedule Crawl Space Repair Springfield IL. This is the case even if the space has a vapor barrier that was installed when it was first built.

When it comes to recognizing warning signs of the immediate need for professional waterproofing, call us if you see any of the following:

-Standing water. The top warning sign that your crawl space needs service is if there is standing water in it. The most typical causes of this problem are the lack of sufficient drainage and plumbing pipes that leak into the space.

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The mildew and mold that can grow on account of standing water can pose a threat to the integrity of your home’s foundation and other areas beneath your home. This can lead to another sign your crawl space needs repair:

-Flooring. The mildew and mold that grow and spread due to excess moisture in a crawl space can start to penetrate into floor joists. This can weaken the floor’s structural strength. Eventually, the floor can start to sag and become uneven.

Homeowners facing this issue may be tempted to use a jack from an area hardware store to try and get their floors level again. Although this might help to a degree, it won’t address the main cause.

An experienced Crawl Space Repair Springfield IL contractor like Pivotal Basement Solutions has the equipment and expertise to replace rotted floor joists.

-Sniffling and sneezing. High levels of humidity, musty smells and allergic reactions are indicators that you should schedule crawl space repair.

As mold spreads in a compromised crawl space, it releases spores into the home’s ventilation system. These spores emit a telltale odor and can trigger respiratory problems for those in the household.