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Foundation Footing Settlement Repair

Foundation settlement is among of the most typical forms of structural damages that occur in homes. Understanding what causes settlement and the signs to watch for can help prevent the damages from getting worse.

Foundation settlement is a common occurrence. Without a doubt, most homes and commercial buildings tend to settle as time passes. Settling is basically the soil beneath the building adjusting to the weight of the structure. In many cases this is not a cause for concern. However, differential settlement takes place as soil under the foundation erodes or shifts. The uneven movement can result in significant damages to a home’s structure.

If you have concerns that the foundation of your house is settling, call Pivotal Basement Solutions today. Our staff will schedule a free, no obligation appointment during which we’ll assess your foundation and recommend solutions.

Foundation Footing Settlement Repair

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The degree of soil movement that occurs beneath your house affects much structural damage that may happen. Luckily, foundation settlement is relatively easy to identify before it gets worse. For example, vertical wall cracks are one of most apparent signs of settlement.

There are a couple of types of foundation settling that are most common and are uniform and differential.

Most homes tend to settle at a slow, gradual pace. Uniform foundation settling is sometimes hard to spot. In some cases it’s identifiable by smaller cracks in the drywall that don’t get larger with time. As the name describes, uniform settlement is relatively even. Consequently, the damages are fairly minor with uniform settlement. However, foundation footing settlement repair may eventually be a necessity.

In contrast, differential settlement leads to different areas of a structure to shift unevenly. This can result in cracks on the inside or outside of the foundation wall. Also, it can result in frame distortion, sticking doors and windows and uneven floors.

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