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Foundation Repair

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A solid, durable foundation is a critical component for the structural integrity of any Illinois home. While what looks like a small crack on your foundation’s wall might seem minor, it can get much larger.

Foundation cracks may signal the need for major structural repairs or simply waterproofing repairs. Homes require a structurally sound foundation. Without it, the entire stability of the house diminishes significantly.

The foundation’s main purpose is providing solid support for entire frame of the house. For that reason, the foundation’s footing serves as the most critical component of the structure.

Soil movement is a very common cause of foundation settlement. Water-related problems are typically the result of grading issues surrounding the foundation or could be a high-water table under the house. 

Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Contact Pivotal Basement Solutions if You Are In Need of Foundation Repair and if You See These Warning Signs

  • Doors in the basement “stick” or warp, becoming difficult to open. Or, basement windows are not level or also difficult to open. If doors and windows are sticking on the upper/main levels of the house, these are also indicators that the foundation could be settling.
  • Staircase cracks in masonry bricks. Cracks can range in size but tend to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.
  • Foundation footing cracks. This is among the most common signs of structural settlement occurring.
  • The foundation appears to be sinking. A foundational shift is not a good indication. Seasonal shifting can cause cracks to widen.
  • Drywall cracks. These cracks often superficial but might still be a sign of a larger problem with the foundation.
  • Sloping, sagging basement floors. May result from a foundation problem or if damage occurs to a support column that requires replacement.
  • Leaning chimney. This is a clear sign of a foundation with structural failings.
Schedule a FREE estimate for Foundation Repair If you observe any of the warning signs, call the foundation repair experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions. We’ll assess your foundation’s condition and present you with an accurate estimate on our affordable services. Remember that water in your basement is usually a problem that calls for solutions sooner rather than later.
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