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Foundation Wall Crack Repair

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Why It’s Import to Repair Foundation Cracks

For homeowners in Central Illinois, the sight of large cracks forming on foundation walls is a problem requiring immediate attention. Without a doubt, cracks tend to only get larger with time. Consequently, the potential problems get larger too. It’s essential to be proactive and schedule crack repair sooner rather than later.

Call Pivotal Basement Solutions if you spot foundation cracks that are 1/16 inch wide or larger. We’ll dispatch an experienced service tech to assess the damage and recommend the right way to fix it. Usually, when left untreated for too long cracks tend to allow water leaks. This can result in damage to your basement and the items in it. Particularly for finished basements with furniture and electronics, that can get expensive. In addition, cracks risk letting pests into your basement.

Foundation Wall Crack Repair

Call Pivotal Basement Solutions For Foundation Wall Crack Repair

For anyone planning to put their home on the market, it is essential to schedule foundation wall crack repair. Delaying too long will only serve to negatively impact your home’s value.

Pivotal Basement Solutions performs professional foundation crack repair that saves you money for the long term. Our expert technicians apply epoxy injections that fill cracks and stop leaks from getting worse. We start by thoroughly cleaning out the cracks to allow for optimal effectiveness. Then, we inject the durable epoxy into the cracks, sealing them off permanently. After the epoxy dries, it’s easy to apply a fresh coat of paint that matches the rest of your basement’s decor. In the event the cracks are part of structural problem, we can also fix that as well.

Count on the experts! Call Pivotal Basement Solutions today for a free estimate on affordable crack repair. Reach us at (309) 216-4706 or online anytime!

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