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Waterproofing Services Bartonville IL


Looking for Professional Basement Waterproofing Services Bartonville IL area? Call the experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions for a free quote at 309-216-4706!

Most any amount of water intrusion in a residential basement is cause for concern and a problem that calls for a solution as soon as possible. If you are seeing the telltale signs of water leaking into your basement, call the basement waterproofing specialists at Pivotal today. After an inspection of your basement, our services technicians will locate where the water is coming in and stop the leaks. Then, we will implement our proven waterproofing solutions that will ensure your basement will remain dry and comfortable.

Waterproofing Services Bartonville IL

Remember that time is a factor when it comes to water in a basement. Don’t hesitate to contact us at the first sign of a leak in your home.

Our affordable and reliable services include:

Foundation Wall Crack Repair
Foundation Repair
Basement Wall Crack Repair
Bowing Wall Repair
Crawl Space Repair
Foundation Footing Settlement Repair

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Foundation Footing Specialists

Is your foundation settling, or do you have leaning walls? We have solutions.

Basement Water Problems

Do you have water in your basement? We have solutions.

Bowing Walls / Basement Wall Cracks

Are your basement walls bowing, or do you have cracks in your walls? We have solutions.