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Waterproofing Services Washington IL

Waterproofing Services Washington IL

Reach the Experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions Now for a Free Quote at 309-216-4706 When You Need Waterproofing Services in Washington IL!

Is your home’s basement protected against the risk of flooding? Have you noticed signs of moisture making its way into your basement and creating an environment for mold to grow? If so, act now and schedule waterproofing that will shield your home against water problems for years to come.

Concerned About Water in Your Home’s Crawl Space? No Problem!

Preventing water damage from affecting a crawl space is just as important as protecting a basement, even if you don’t use the space as much. A crawl space is still part of the foundation that supports the rest of the home. Additionally, water accumulating in damp areas can be a health hazard. Protect yours with waterproofing by Pivotal!

Waterproofing Services Washington IL

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Foundation Footing Specialists

Is your foundation settling, or do you have leaning walls? We have solutions.

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Do you have water in your basement? We have solutions.

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Are your basement walls bowing, or do you have cracks in your walls? We have solutions.