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Basement Waterproofing

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Waterproofing is critical for residential basements. There are a number of common signs that homeowners should know that call for immediate solutions. For example, wet carpet around the perimeter of the foundations walls, rotted wall frowning, and water damaged drywall are clear signs of waterproofing issues. However, there are also other signs to watch for that are not always as obvious right away. If you see any of the below examples, call the basement waterproofing experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions.

Basement Waterproofing Pivotal Solutions


Even if you’re not seeing water seepage just yet, wall cracks will not go away. Without a doubt, they’re one of those things that only get worse as time passes. Luckily, if wall cracks are the only problem with your basement, they are typically the cheapest one to waterproof.

The odor of mildew

Even without visible symptoms, the smell of mildew is an unmistakable warning sign of water intrusion. Mildew and mold growth can cause significant health problems for allergy sufferers. Certainly, visible signs of mold are always a cause for concern. Don’t ignore mold growth in your home – whether it’s occurring in the basement or elsewhere.

Bowed basement walls

If you see bulging areas along your home’s foundation walls, they require repair right away. Bowed, curving walls result in long cracks that permit water infiltration. Consequently, it could eventually compromise the structure of the foundation.

Water stains on basement walls

If you observe water marks on your basement’s walls, this could be caused by water entering across the top of the foundation. This could also be from cracks leaking or blocks holding water. External sources or grading problems may be the cause. Unless the gaps receive sufficient waterproofing, it will probably continue.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Water pushing up through the floor along the walls or pushing up through cracks in the floor. Both indicate a water table issue.

Exterior Drain Tile Issue

Exterior drain tile issue and not properly cleaning/maintaining gutters and downspouts could be causing the basement water problems.

If you’re searching for affordable basement waterproofing services, call the waterproofing experts in the Peoria and Bloomington-Normal area. To schedule a free estimate, contact us online or call (309) 216-4706.

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