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Bowing Wall Repair

Bowing walls happen when your home’s foundation walls start to curve in, forming a “bow” shape. One of the most frequent causes of bowing walls is external pressure. As the pressure eventually becomes too great for the wall to withstand, bowing and cracks occur.

Certainly, the soil surrounding basement walls are subject to relentless pressure. In addition, there’s also the factor of the constant freeze/thaw cycles of Illinois weather. Not surprisingly, many residential basements succumb to bowing walls. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we specialize in affordable bowing wall repair that restores basement walls to good condition. We serve homeowners throughout the Central Illinois region. If you spot signs of bowing walls in your basement, call us right away for an estimate. Our technicians can assess the condition of your basement walls and recommend a solution that’s best for you.

Bowing Wall Repair

Bowing Wall Repair - Some of the most frequent causes of bowing walls are:

  • Clay soil expansion. Very common in the Midwest, clay soils are prone to expansion, which causes increasing pressure against your foundation. The expansion results from when moisture in the soil fluctuates along with rainfall and drought patterns.
  • Hydrostatic pressure. This is typically an accumulation of moisture in the soil around your home’s foundation walls. Hydrostatic pressure, naturally, presses against the walls. While the soil around your home’s foundation appears solid, it actually contains moisture that expands and contracts. This takes place all throughout the year depending on weather patterns.
  • Frost. This is another culprit when it comes to bowing walls. As soil next to foundation walls freeze and expand continually, the pressure causes bowing and cracks.

Free Estimates by Pivotal Basement Solutions – (309) 216-4706

Our effective solutions typically involve installation of sturdy tieback anchors (or soldier columns). These serve as reinforcements to the structure of your foundation walls. In addition, for cases of major soil expansion we may recommend excavation and pressure relief applications.

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