Foundation Repair Washington IL

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Sagging or uneven floors are a common sign of possible foundation settlement. The floors in most homes usually consist of wood for the upstairs levels and concrete for the basement. Uneven flooring in any location in your home calls for evaluation by an experienced, professional contractor.

In the event it’s your basement floors that are not level, foundation settling or heave may be the cause. Most likely, the solution will be Foundation Repair Washington IL by the experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions. Our team can perform a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation structure.

We’ll be able to determine if settling is, in fact, occurring and the best way to resolve it. Like with most any sort of home repair, some problems are harder to fix than others.

Foundation Repair Washington IL

Whatever the cause of foundation settlement and damage may be, realize it will certainly get worse with time. As soon as you spot uneven floors, wall cracks or leaks in your basement, the best response is to take action. Schedule an appointment with our expert team for an inspection of your foundation.

We’ll determine what is occurring and recommend what Foundation Repair Washington IL may be necessary. Foundation troubles call for prompt repair because gravity and water will only continue the settlement. Consequently, water leaks into your basement will eventually start.

If you observe the unmistakable signs of foundation settlement, contact Pivotal Basement Solutions for a free, no-obligation inspection. We’ll provide you with an accurate quote for our professional services that can restore your foundation’s structural integrity.

Our team helps homeowners just like you throughout Central Illinois. You can always rely on our expertise to get the job done correctly and at a fair price. For Foundation Repair Washington IL call 309-216-4706 today! We  serving communities in Tazewell and Peoria Counties.