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Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL

Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL

Many Illinois homeowners at some point will have concerns about Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL. The bright side is that not every type of foundation crack affects the structural integrity of a home.

In some situations, they’re just unsightly and the result of by shrinkage that occurs during the curing process. While those non-structural, unappealing hairline cracks don’t necessarily mean your home is in imminent danger, structural cracks are often another story.

Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL are typically caused by a variety of factors such as:

-Soil expansion. Some soil types contain a significant amount of clay. It can cause problems during construction due to its tendency to swell as it draws in moisture and then contracts by a similar amount as it dries.

This leads to movement of the soil that commonly causes structural problems and even Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL.  When not compacted sufficiently prior to construction, the structure that’s built on top is prone to sinking unevenly into the ground.

Consequently, this results in damage to the home’s foundation.

-Weather and seasonal changes. As an example, consider a house that is constructed during the summer season over expansive soil. Months later, when the rainy, wet weather arrives, swelling of the soil occurs and results in foundational damage.

-Drainage is insufficient near the foundation. Water is the main culprit for many foundation issues. Too much or not enough water in the soil near your home’s foundation is a source of problems.

Lack of drainage can cause hydrostatic pressure to increase in the ground and push against the walls of the foundation. With out relieving that pressure, eventually the walls will begin to bow and cracks will form.

-Shifting soil. Over time, a home built upon a slope can develop foundation issues due to movement of the soil. This is basically when soil on top of a hill shifts downward. Creeping soil can cause the foundation itself to shift laterally.

Whether the cause is expanding soil, soil that is not compacted properly or other reasons, any of the above factors can be a cause of Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL.

Noticing Cracks in Your Foundation? Call 309-216-4706 for Professional Repair

Some foundational cracks (structural) are a cause for immediate concern and others (non-structural) are less so.

When it comes to structural cracks, movement of the foundation is a typical cause. If they are not repaired promptly they eventually will be a threat to a home’s structural integrity.

Shrinkage of concrete, which tends to happen as it cures, are a common cause of non-structural cracks. They don’t necessarily pose a danger to the structural integrity of a home. However, this doesn’t always mean that non-structural cracks are nothing to worry about.

For instance, vertical, non-structural cracks on a basement wall can allow moisture to seep in

Get in touch with Pivotal Basement Solutions if you see:

-The cracks are wider than one-tenth of an inch.
-Cracks appear to be wider on one of the ends and appear to be widening over time.
-Brickwork shows stair-step cracks.
-Diagonal, large cracks.
-Horizontal cracks on the foundation, regardless of whether there is bowing.
-Multiple vertical cracks close to one another.
-There are cracks down the walls and across the ceilings.

If you’re noticing any of these examples, contact the experienced, reputable Cracks in Foundation Walls Springfield IL repair team at 309-216-4706. Don’t postpone the call for too long: the longer you delay, the cracks will only continue to worsen.

We can inspect your home’s foundation and identify which type of cracks are occurring and the best way to prevent them from getting worse.