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Bowing Wall Repair Springfield IL is a necessity if the foundation walls at your home are bowing or show other signs they are moving inward. These are sure symptoms that the walls are weakening. It’s essential to act sooner rather than later to prevent potentially significant damage.

If you’re noticing these problems in your basement, our team can provide you with a lasting solution. We can handle all varieties of foundation repair issues in Springfield, Decatur, Champaign and nearby communities. Contact us today by phone or online to schedule Bowing Wall Repair.

Foundation walls buckle inward mainly due to soil expansion and hydrostatic pressure pushing upon the walls from the outside. In addition, foundation walls might start to show cracks due to other causes like foundation settlement.

The Bowing Wall Repair Springfield IL experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions can accurately assess what is causing the foundation problems at your home.

You probably need Bowing Wall Repair Springfield IL if you see:

-Horizontal cracks forming along the foundation’s walls.
-Diagonal cracks at the corners of poured-concrete walls.
-Inward bulging and bowing along the walls.
-Walls shifting inwards along the bottom or leaning inwards at the top.

Expansive clay soil around the structure of your home will tend to place a lot of pressure on the foundation walls. How much pressure it exerts depends upon factors like:

-The soil type surrounding the foundation.
-The amount of water in the soil.
-How deep underground the foundation sits.

Hydrostatic pressure, frost and expansive clay soil can all put enough pressure against foundation walls to cause them to bow or even to collapse.

Downspouts and gutters also may contribute to foundation wall issues by permitting large amounts of water to accumulate in the soil surrounding your home or commercial building.

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