Basement Wall Crack Repair Springfield IL

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If you spot a few minor hairline cracks that are relatively small on the walls of your home’s basement, there’s no need to panic. However, if you are uncertain or these cracks appear to be getting larger, it’s wise to call for the services of a Basement Wall Crack Repair Springfield IL.

We can identifying what’s causing the cracks and recommend the best way to resolve the problem.

Some of the causes of basement wall cracks include:

-Too much or not enough moisture in the soil. Just as too much water in ground soil can create problems for a foundation, a lack of enough moisture can too. A drought is usually what will draw the moisture out of the soil, which causes the soil to contract.

This can make the foundation walls move outward and cause the footings to start settling. This type of problem can occur if you there are plants close to your home’s foundation.

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-Concrete shrinkage. Pouring concrete can be a challenging task that requires some expertise. If it’s done incorrectly it can lead to a number of problems. Water is essential for the proper mixing of concrete, so there is a natural expansion when it’s wet that’s followed by a contraction after it dries.

Different aspects can affect the way concrete dries such as the mixing of concrete and humidity levels.

-Timing. Just as it’s important in other tasks, timing is critical when it comes to pouring a concrete foundation. For example, imagine if a builder were to run out of concrete halfway through pouring a foundation. This would impede the ability to pour the foundation a whole, comprehensive structure.

Waiting for the delivery and mixing of more concrete means that “cold” joints could form, which could permit water to leak through at that time as well as in the future. If you have concerns about cracks or other issues with your basement walls, contact us for prompt Basement Wall Crack Repair Springfield IL.