Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Springfield IL

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Foundations typically start to settle if the integrity of the soil underneath the footings of a home becomes compromised. For instance, the foundation footings will form cracks and drop, which in turn causes floors and walls to also form cracks and drop and the home to sink.

Warning signs of foundation settlement and the need to schedule Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Springfield IL may include:

-Cracks on external walls and on foundation walls.
-The chimney is starting to lean.
-Interior cracking on plaster or drywall, particularly over windows or doors.
-Sticking doors and windows.

Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Springfield IL

It’s not always easy to locate the source of these foundation problems. Additionally, basement walls may crack simply as a result of concrete’s natural curing process or because of hydrostatic pressure upon walls outside the home.

The process of repairing these cracks is different from repairing the cracks that result from foundation settlement.

That’s why it is critical to have a Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Springfield IL experts from Pivotal Basement Solutions evaluate your basement and foundation to identify the problem. After we determine why the foundation walls are cracking, we can recommend the most effective solution at a competitive rate for the repair.

If you suspect that your Illinois home is showing indications of foundation settlement, do not delay to call Pivotal Basement Solutions or contact us online to schedule an estimate. We understand what causes a foundation to settle because we’ve repairing this problem for homeowners for many years.

In addition to Foundation Footing Settlement Repair, we also provide professional repairs for crawl spaces, foundations and bowing walls as well as basement waterproofing and basement wall crack repair.

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