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If there’s a crawl space underneath your home, on occasion you might encounter some problems that can impact the health and security of your living spaces. Just as they do with a basement, these concerns can run the gamut from moisture damage and bug infestations to weakened structural support. Fortunately, experts at Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL can help address those problems so your crawl space stays in safe, dry condition. Here’s what homeowners need to know:

Identifying the Signs of Water Damage:
It’s critical to be alert for the telltale warning signs of water damage in your home’s crawl space so you’ll know when to contact us for our services. If you do notice them, taking prompt action is crucial to preventing bigger problems like mold growth, wood rot and – in severe cases – damage to your home’s basic structure. You might detect some clear indicators of a problem, such as the musty odor of mildew coming from the crawl space. (Always a clue that moisture is getting in.) Other hints include water stains on the floor or walls and if the insulation feels damp.

Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL

Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL

Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL like Pivotal Basement Solutions are skilled in determining the source of the water and how it’s getting into the space. Our experienced technicians apply their knowledge and training to choose the best way of stopping the water intrusion and putting an end to the damage it’s causing. This might entail finding and fixing leaks, making improvements to the drainage system around your home and other custom solutions.

The Importance of Consistent Ventilation:
Having reliable airflow to your crawl space is simply essential for keeping it in good condition. If there is a lack of sufficient fresh air circulating through it, moisture has a tendency to accumulate. This can result in all sorts of issues, like mold spores spreading and wooden components of the home deteriorating.

To tackle this problem just contact Pivotal Basement Solutions. We are one of the most experienced Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL. Our team can put fans and vents as they start repairing your crawl space. These specialized devices help move air properly so the space underneath the home remains dry. As you might imagine, this step is important since it prevents moisture from accumulating in the first place. Through ensuring the crawl space has adequate
ventilation, Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL specialists play a major part in protecting your home against moisture-related problems.

Waterproofing Companies Near Me Bloomington IL

Adding New Insulation to Your Crawl Space for Better Energy Efficiency
Insulating your residential crawl space can help result in significant savings on your monthly energy bills. If a crawl space lacks sufficient insulation and doesn’t have very good air flow, you might soon notice that your HVAC system is working overtime. That will not just drive up your energy consumption and costs, but also cause temperatures fluctuations throughout the home. Ask our crawl space experts about which type of insulation is ideal for your needs.

Structural Repairs, Addressing Support Issues
As your home gets older and the 24/7 exposure to the elements steadily takes its toll over the years, the parts of it that keep it secure and standing upright can begin to wear down. This is particularly true for your crawl space because it’s where you’ll find important support beams. If they get weaker or sustain some damage, you may notice that your floors aren’t exactly level anymore. It’s a warning that your home isn’t as reliably stable as it should be.

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