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From water damage to the spread of unsightly mold growth, a leaking basement can be a real hassle for homeowners and indicate the urgent need for waterproofing. Keep reading as we uncover some of the common reasons why leaks happen and when you should contact Pivotal Basement Solutions Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL.

Hydrostatic Pressure
This is one of the main causes of basement water leaks. It’s a natural pressure that groundwater exerts against your home’s foundation walls. As the soil around your home saturates with rainwater, the excess moisture creates continual pressure on your foundation. This forces water through gaps and cracks in the foundation.

During the construction of your home, the builder dug a large hole and removed the soil. Next, they poured the foundation and then put a lot of the soil back in order to fill in the areas around the foundation’s walls. (Known as backfilling.) In most constructions, the characteristics of the soil used for backfilling differs from the original soil. Generally, it will be more permeable, while the remaining soil deeper down is more compact.

Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL

Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL

When rainwater reaches the backfilled soil, it builds up around the foundation, similar to a bowl filling up with water. That trapped water can exert a lot of pressure against the foundation walls and soon flow through openings and leak into the basement. If this is occurring with your basement, the first step is identifying the entry point of the water. Common sources include the walls, windows, floor joints and plumbing fixtures. To find the leak, Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL technicians can use a moisture meter as well as do a visual inspection. Key signs they look for are water stains and areas of mold.

Floor Joint
If water is leaking through the floor joint of your basement, you’ll notice visual signs like floor itself will be damp and may even have some cracks forming. Efflorescence can happen, too. Some of these symptoms might take place gradually while water seeps in, but they also may become more apparent after a heavy rainfall. Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL by our technicians can put a stop to these issues.

Leaking Walls
Another potential source of leaks is your basement walls. Even though they obviously play a critical part in supporting the foundation, if they are not waterproofed the walls can become vulnerable to moisture infiltration. Typical triggers for wall leaks are:

-Crack. Shifting soil and settlement can create stress that causes walls to crack.
-Plumbing pipe issues. If not sealed properly, pipes can provide an entryway for water.
-Aging grout. When grout in masonry walls starts eroding, it creates pathways for moisture to seep in and the need for Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL.

Basement Windows

Insufficient drainage, poor sealing of window wells or insufficient grading of the foundation can cause basement windows to flood during a rainfall or when large amounts of snow melts. Signs indicating window problems include puddles, warping and rotting wood frames, rusty metal window frames, air leaks and condensation forming on the window.

Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL

Plumbing System Issues
At times those worrisome basement leaks can stem from an issue with the home’s plumbing system, whether it’s a malfunctioning large appliance or a broken fixture.

-Water heater fails. A water heater usually lasts for about 10 years or so, depending on the maintenance it receives. But if they leak for any reason it can lead to pools of water on your basement floor.
-Washing machine hose breaks. Worn-out or faulty washing machine hoses are another common cause of leaks.

At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we specialize in Basement Leak Repair Bloomington IL, so do not hesitate to schedule our services at the earliest sign of any water intrusion problems in your home.