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We’re a leading provider of professional, affordable basement and Foundation Repair Bloomington IL for homeowners in Central Illinois. Your foundation is essential for your home’s overall structural integrity.

Problems with a foundation can not only result in leaks and structural damage, but also impact market value.

If you spot gaps in your home’s foundation, it could likely signal that you have at one or more of the conditions that require repairs. Besides gaps, warning signs like floor and wall cracks can indicate foundation issues.

As time passes, your home may be subject to foundation shifting from a range of conditions.

When that occurs, gaps and cracks become a serious issue that call for Foundation Repair Bloomington IL. Soil expansion and contraction, which happens due to freeze/thaw cycles, is among the most common causes of foundation problems.

Within the first few years after construction, it’s standard for foundations to sink and form small cracks. For example, hairline cracks less than 1/16” are very common. However, horizontal cracks on exteriors or basement walls may mean than foundation settling is occurring.

Even gaps of one-quarter inch can be cause for concern.

Horizontal cracks tend to more serious than verticals because they signal the home’s perimeter is under significant pressure.

Foundation Settlement or Sinking – Foundation Repair Bloomington IL

Call Pivotal Basement Solutions for an inspection if your home shows signs settlement or sinking issues.

With time, you may observe that one side of the house sits lower than the other side. In this event, the foundation may require lifting and installation of foundation support piers. Repair crews place the piers around the foundation’s perimeter to lift it up to a sufficient level again.

In other cases, support piers may need placement at the interior of your foundation’s structure.

Foundation Repair Bloomington IL – 309-216-4706

Gaps due to foundation settling are usually vertical. Be aware that what starts as a half-inch dip in one side can become a larger problem. Left without repair for too long, a foundation can possibly settle as much as two to four inches. The longer the problem persists, the foundation problems will only get worse.

Additionally, when a lot of settling takes place, a number of safety risks can develop too. It’s important to reach out to our team for Foundation Repair Bloomington IL as soon as you spot complications.

That’s the best way to prevent more foundation troubles while minimizing expenses.

As the years pass, other sections of a home’s foundation will typically start to settle. Homeowners frequently observe that one side of their house sinks first. However, the other sides will eventually start to move downward as well.

Although a home’s load-bearing weight is equal on all sides, the moisture content on the foundation sides often varies.

For that reason, some areas of a foundation tend to settle before others do. The industry term for this is “differential movement.” When this takes place, the result can be structural damages. Consequently, extensive cracks start to form on the interior and exterior of the home.

Cracks due to foundation settling are usually vertical.

The good news is that affordable Foundation Repair Bloomington IL is available at 309-216-4706.

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Don’t hesitate to call Pivotal Basement Solutions as soon as you see signs of foundation settlement or wall cracks. Our experts will inspect your foundation, identify what’s occurring and recommend appropriate repairs.

Perhaps more so than any other type of home repair issue, these  problems call for prompt Foundation Repair Bloomington IL

Water leaks are inevitable once a foundation starts to fail. When water starts to leak into your basement, another batch of problems then becomes possible. Schedule a free appointment with us today and let the experts restore your home’s foundation!

Top Benefits of Professional Foundation Repair for Your Bloomington IL Home

Keeping your home in top condition is critical for enhancing its resale market value. It’s also important for maintaining your household’s own safety and comfort as you’re living in it. One of the most effective ways to ensure this is to assess your foundation’s condition.

It’s not unusual for homeowners to overlook problems with their foundation, which leads to more problems. If you suspect your home may need foundation repair, don’t place it at additional risk. A few benefits to foundation repair include:

-Enhance marketplace value. Foundation Repair Bloomington IL, without a doubt, can help to boost the resale value of a home. Prospective homebuyers want assurances that they aren’t investing in something that will need significant repairs. Repair your foundation soon will help reinforce its stability over time.

That’s an appealing investment for prospective buyers. Even if you’re not placing your home on the market just yet, you may want to consider foundation repair soon.

-Foundation Repair Bloomington IL saves time. Major foundation issues can become very time-consuming for homeowners. The foundation may start to shift as time passes. Consequently, it can lead to aesthetic damages to your residence that calls for significant, costly repairs.

In many instances, it is the only option to restoring a home to acceptable condition. Additionally, some foundation problems can cause issues with other areas of the home such as ceilings and interior walls. In severe situations, large-scale foundation repairs can displace the homeowner for significant periods of time.

Resolving foundation problems at the first opportunity can spare the homeowner from even larger problems developing later on. If your home shows signs of foundation problems such as visible cracks or leaks, call Pivotal today for assistance.