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Do you spend a lot of time thinking about the crawl space or the basement in your home? With the demands of a busy schedule and household, we’re guessing probably not. Yet this frequently overlooked area of your home can have quite an impact upon your health and the condition of your home and require our professional services. That’s why Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL like ours offers crawl space encapsulation. It’s a procedure that involves installation of a polyethylene lining in your crawl space to serve as a vapor barrier. Read on for a further look at how this service can benefit your home

Save on HVAC Bills
Encapsulation supplies an insulation layer that will help make your home heating and cooling system more efficient. The result? You’ll get a welcome surprise in those monthly bills.

It Reduces Your Risk of Getting Mold
Mold is definitely not your buddy. In fact, mold growth can lead to an array of health issues, particularly if you or someone in your household has asthma or is prone to respiratory difficulties. Even more concerning, mold might be lurking in some areas that you’re even aware of, which means eliminating it is not as easy as one might think. By creating a barrier that is moisture-proof, crawl space encapsulation will protect you from the hazards of mold.

Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL

Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL

Keeps Out Critters and Insects
Just like you don’t want mold showing up, you also don’t want roaches and rodents. Choosing our Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL to seal the crawl space makes it very difficult for these unwanted guests to infiltrate your house.

Adds to Your Home’s Value
If you’re planning to sell your home fairly soon, an encapsulated, secure crawl space is a feature that helps makes it that much more appealing.

Good for Indoor Air Quality
Are you aware that much of the air you and your loved ones breathe circulates through your crawl space? That’s a good reason why it’s so important to keep in healthy condition. Better air quality means that you’ll have less issues with allergy symptoms.

Adds to the Comfort of Your Home
No one enjoy getting out of bed on a winter morning only to place their bare feet on a cold floor. Crawl space encapsulation functions as a kind of insulation, which means your floors won’t be as chilly in the winter. (And your home won’t be as hot and stuffy in the summer.)

Preserves the Longevity of Your Floors
If moisture starts to seep into your floor boards, they can rot and eventually become unstable and uneven. Replacing them will become unavoidable. Choosing
Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL to treat your crawl space will combat moisture, helping your floors last for a long while.

Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL

Reinforces Your Home’s Structural Integrity
Just as too much moisture exposure can cause problems for your floors, it can also do the same to the foundation of your home. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to contact Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL like Pivotal Basement Solutions to encapsulate your crawl space. Many homeowners understandably wonder what the process will cost. Basically, in most situations the cost of encapsulation depends on the kind of materials used in addition to the size of the project.

However, taking into consideration that it can boost the value of your home and also help moderate your utility bills, the cost of crawl space encapsulation is a sound economic investment. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we are available to give you an estimate on our services with no obligation. Rest assured that our Waterproofing Contractors Peoria IL will arrive prepared to inspect your crawl space or basement and answer any inquiries you have.