Foundation Repair Peoria IL

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Foundation repair is a central part of any effective plan for long-term home maintenance. However, it’s not an issue that homeowners may consider on a daily basis. At Pivotal Basement we can save you a lot of expense by performing minor foundation repairs sooner rather than later.

Without a doubt, a home’s foundation is one of those areas where it is critical to act as soon as you see signs of leakage.

Here are some of the typical warning signs of foundation leaks – don’t hesitate to contact us for Foundation Repair Peoria IL if you notice:

-Cracks forming on your interior dry wall or on the exterior of your home. Specifically, look for zig-zagging cracks on brick walls. This is a sign that your house is settling, which can result in foundational cracks and leaks.

-Gaps in between ceilings and crown molding. This is something to check for when it comes to the state of your foundation. Also, watch for gaps in between doors or windows and caulking. This too can result from foundation settlement.

-Sinking floors. If you observe the ground looks to be sinking near the foundation, this is a potentially significant problem. Contact us immediately for a free consultation regarding Foundation Repair Peoria IL.

-Nail pops. These are smaller, circular cracks where the nail draws apart from the drywall. Consequently, it exposes the nail or pushes paint away from the surface.

-Bowing basement walls. If it appears the walls in your basement are bowing inwards, this signals foundation problems due to soil expansion. When the soil contains moisture it tends to expand. As a result, it puts pressure on your foundation walls.

Then, when the soil eventually dries it draws away from the foundation.

This can result in bowing basement walls and other issues that call for Foundation Repair Peoria IL.