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Has your home been subject to flooding or a major rainstorm recently? If it has, you’ll need to keep a watchful eye out for warning signs so you’ll know when to contact us for professional waterproofing and other services:

Air in the Basement Smells Like Mildew
Basements are sometimes known for having an unusual odor. Homeowners might simply assume that is because the basement is below ground level. However, that stale odor is often a warning sign. Mildew and mold spores are the usual suspects for any strange basement odors. Each must have moisture to thrive.

Any part of a home that is underground is going to be susceptible to excess moisture. Many basements do not get enough air circulation to keep the moisture under control. If the smell is especially unpleasant, it could indicate that the flooding in the basement is contaminated wastewater. Floodwaters may frequently contain sewage and bacteria.

Locating the source of the foul odor and eliminating it can be tricky. A Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL team from our company will be up to the challenge, though.

Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL

Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL

Cracks Spreading on the Basement Walls and Floor
After a basement floods, homeowners may mistakenly think after a quick cleanup, the ordeal will be over. To the contrary, cleanup is only the start of the all-important restoration process.

Building materials are typically porous and absorb any moisture they contact. In order for a concrete foundation to be water-resistant, it requires moisture barriers. Homes that are on the older side often were not built with those precautions. So, if concrete is exposed to a lot of water, it’s typical for cracks to form. Plus, these cracks can shift and expand with changes in humidity and temperature.

As damage to a foundation progresses, it inevitably affects the other areas of your home. Though you might not see the cracks, you’ll probably notice them once they start appearing on your interior walls. Fixing wall cracks are not going to resolve the main issue. To prevent additional damage, get in contact with a foundation repair contractor.

Some more signs you should contact us for Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL include:

Wood tends to expand when it gets wet because the fibers soak up moisture. If the wood walls and floors in your basement are swelling, then there is most likely a seepage problem. If you walk barefoot across your basement floor and you can feel ripples under your foot, that indicates your wood floor is shifting and swelling.

This might not seem like a major problem, though, until your wood doors start to swell, which makes them hard to open or shut. If you observe any swelling, call a Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL professional like Pivotal Basement Solutions to help you resolve this pressing issue.

Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL

When iron comes into contact with excess moisture, rust will occur. So, if you spot rusty nails and door hinges in the basement, it’s a sign of too much moisture. Examine your basement for any areas of rust, specifically check hinges and any metal fixtures. Even a small amount of rust means there’s some water getting into the basement.

Rust is definitely an early warning of water intrusion, which is why you’ll want to act promptly to get Leaking Basement Repair Washington IL. If you delay and want too long to contact us for service the problem may well spiral, and you’ll end up with a lot more serious problems for your home.

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