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While they are a common sight, foundation wall cracks are a serious matter that, as a homeowner, requires your attention. If the cracks are left to continue spreading, water leaks eventually start occurring and create a bigger and far more expensive problem. Typically, cracks that are only 1/16 inch are a possible threat because water, temperature changes and other factors can cause them to widen. Plus, they can leave your basement susceptible to pests and insects that you don’t want getting in your home.

When you face an issue like this, consider Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL services to protect your home. Our company serves homeowners throughout Central Illinois – we can diagnose and fix the problem for you at fair prices. Cracks can start to appear in various ways: settlement of the house, concrete shrinkage, or also from hydrostatic pressure against the walls. If you’re noticing cracks on your foundation, some potential causes are:

Soil issues are a typical cause of foundation cracks. If you’re located in relatively dry area, soil around your home can shrink and then leave gaps near your foundation. Consequently, this allows your foundation to shift, leading to cracks. Also, expanding soil can cause problems because it applies continual pressure against the foundation and will eventually require Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL.

Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL

Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL

Trees and invasive plants can cause interference with your foundation walls. When there are large trees close to your home, the roots can grow under your walls and draw away moisture in the ground soil, which dries it out and creates the potential for cracks on the foundation. Building a new home without adhering to proper soil and foundation testing can result in possible problems later on. Using faulty materials to build the home can also contribute to foundation wall cracks. Adding new levels and rooms to your home also may impact the foundation.

Plumbing pipe and fixture leaks can definitely impact the walls, too. The leaking water can soon cause the soil next to your walls to steadily expand and, consequently, add increasing pressure that creates cracks. In fact, hydrostatic pressure is one of the biggest problems that most homeowners encounter when dealing with foundation cracks. This happens when there is minimal or no drainage of the moisture around your home’s foundation.

The water accumulates and puts continual pressure against your foundation’s walls, which results in cracks and then the possibility of leaks and other moisture problems. With these potential hazards to your foundation, it’s essential to stay aware and keep an eye out for any cracks. If you see them forming on your foundation, it is in your interests to have us do an inspection. Even a few minor cracks can indicate of a larger issue that can be prevented with Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL services.

Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL

Importance of Proactive Repairs
Cracks progressively expand over time and can eventually cause serious problems. That makes getting Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL early on a critical step. If you notice any cracks forming that more than approximately 1/16” wide, get in touch with Pivotal Basement Solutions. One of our professional Foundation Leak Repair Champaign IL technicians will evaluate the state of your foundation and offer solutions that will stop water intrusion.

Typically, cracks that are left untended are going to allow leakage. That can lead to your valuable possessions becoming ruined, mold growth, and other moisture- related problems. Also, cracks allow uninvited pests and insects to enter your basement – and it can get very difficult to remove them. If you are planning or already trying to sell your residential property, it is imperative to fix foundation cracks because they could drive down your property’s appeal and value.