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Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL

Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL

It can be alarming for homeowners when they notice cracks forming on their foundation, whether its brick or concrete block. Understandably, the first thought they usually have is how harmful those unsightly cracks may be to their home’s structure.

Not every type of Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL are necessarily a reason to worry. In fact, they are pretty normal in many cases are usually repairable.

As a homeowner, it’s useful to know the various kinds of cracks that can form on your foundation, what potential consequences they may bring and the most appropriate solutions for them. It’s tough to effectively resolve the cracks if you aren’t clear about what you are up against.

The most common types of Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL include:


These are a common occurrence for many homes and are usually not threatening. Often the result of rain that exerts constant pressure against the foundation. To seal vertical cracks, a water-resistant epoxy or an injection of polyurethane is applied.

Once fixing the problem, you can safeguard your foundation from more cracks developing by clearing out clogged gutters and adding downspouts that will extend at least five feet away from the house.

Strategic placement of landscaping features also can help prevent these cracks from forming if your home is on a hill.

Horizontal Cracks

Cracks of this particular nature can be a nightmare for homeowners. While there are a few varieties, they all present a major structural problem. Frequently, they happen when the ground soil causes a strain on the basement walls, causing them to bow.

Other possible causes may include frost heave, excess backfilling and the impact of very heavy construction equipment. The result – whichever the cause may be – is often horizontal Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL.

Block and concrete basement residential foundations in Illinois are vulnerable to horizontal cracks. If you notice them developing at your home, monitor them frequently to see if they are expanding. Get in touch with Pivotal Basement Solutions to schedule an appointment if you need repairs.

While not hazardous, diagonal cracks shouldn’t go unchecked for too long. Cracks of this version are a telltale sign of differential foundation settlement. Basically, that is when vertical and horizontal tension causes structural problems for the home.

They occur if different sections of your foundation settle more rapidly than others do. Diagonal cracks are relatively common in homes constructed on a hill or those with deteriorating ground soil conditions due to heavy rain or drought.

In the event you notice diagonal Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL, ask your Pivotal Basement Solutions representative to perform an inspection to determine where the settlement is occurring.

We can recommend options for stabilizing the foundation that will minimize the disturbance.

Need Repairs for Cracks in Foundation Walls Champaign IL? Call Pivotal Basement Solutions

Cracks can expand steadily and get much worse over time, which compounds the problem and makes them more costly to repair. When left to continue for too long, the cracks will inevitably start to let moisture seep into your basement.

Consequently, moisture provides ideal conditions for the spread of mold.

Plus, it welcomes in pests that can cause a whole host of problems. Water damage is a possibility particularly when the cracks are over one-sixteenth of an inch wide.

Dirty water can also soil your carpets and clothing and create an environment where mold can spread into other areas of your home.

The costs of remediation could escalate fast – which is money that could have otherwise gone toward home improvements home if the cracks had been repaired sooner.