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Here’s an example scenario for you as a homeowner: let’s say it starts raining outside and you notice that after a while some water is getting into your basement. It could be a slow trickle coming in, or perhaps condensation forming on your windows and walls. Or, maybe you see a few small puddles collecting on the floor and they don’t seem to dry up. While standing water is something you’ll probably notice right away, there are more subtle warnings of water intrusion that are important to be on the lookout for.

Certain types of ground soil, for example, can cause problems with drainage around your residence, your gutters can clog, cracks can form on your home’s foundation or the existing waterproofing you have in place might have deteriorated in the years since your home was first constructed. Fortunately, all of these examples are repairable. Call on area Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL like Pivotal Basement Solutions to schedule an inspection. We can evaluate your foundation and basement to determine where the water is coming in and recommend the best, most economical way to stop it.

Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL

Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL

The most critical step to take if you notice moisture collecting in your basement is to take action and get it taken care of ASAP. Even smaller amounts of moisture can set the stage for mold growth, which can spread fast. If left untreated, a foundation leak can cause structural failures that are going to cost a lot more to fix later on than services by Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL will in the meantime.

As a homeowner in the Central Illinois region, water intrusion is one of the more alarming situations you can face. The structural damage it can cause is significant, the health issues is raises are urgent, and the potential damage it can do to your home is a pressing concern.

Once water starts getting into your basement or crawl space, the damage it leads to can mean you’ll have to replace drywall, insulation, and maybe even framing.

If you notice the following signs in your basement, call Pivotal Basement Solutions for service and discover why we are among the leading Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL:

-Puddles on the basement floor.
-Water stains and leaks on the walls or floor.
-Condensation on doors and windows.
-Warped doors.
-A persistent odor of dampness.
-Visual signs of mold.
-Cracks on the walls or floor.

In the event that water leaks continue unnoticed or moisture issues are not addressed, it poses a danger to your home’s foundation.

Foundation repairs are more extensive than waterproofing treatments. If you notice leaks, cracks or bowing walls in your basement, it’s certainly time to contact Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we have years of experience helping customers just like you who are struggling with moisture intrusion in their homes. We use the best techniques and products to put a stop to water leaks! We always encourage our customers – whether they are residential or commercial property owners – to be proactive at the first signs of a water problem. It’s one of those things that will not go away and will only get worse.

Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL

There are different solutions to the various causes of water leaks. Depending on what our technicians find, the waterproofing solutions we suggest may include:

-Interior and exterior basement or crawlspace waterproofing.
-Sealant application.
-Install new floor drains, a sump pump, or both.
-Drainage system installation
-Repair foundation cracks.

When you need the assistance of reliable Waterproofing Companies Peoria IL, contact Pivotal Basement Solutions at 309-216-4706.