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The presence of moisture in your home’s crawl space is a typical sign of problems with the foundation. Similar to other kinds of water problems with a home, it’s essential to identify what’s allowing the moisture intrusion. Moisture will inevitably lead to other problems that only get worse and cost more to resolve.

Always remember that too much moisture serves to attract pests like terminates. Without a doubt, that’s bad news for the wooden support beams beneath your home. Also, wet crawl spaces can emit an unpleasant odor, which can become noticeable in other areas of the house.

Mold growth that can also result from moisture is also a problem that presents potential health risks.

Foundation Repair West Peoria IL

In Central Illinois where heavy rain and snow is common, a reliable foundation drain system is critical. Some homes may require a surface drain, which serves to move large amounts of water rapidly. Alternatively, a French drain is another solution for re-directing water so it does not seep beneath the house.

Standing pools of water around a home’s foundation can do damage and result in the need for costly repairs. Even what appear to be a minor accumulation of water is cause for concern if it’s surrounding your foundation.

At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we see a wide range of foundation and water issues affecting our customers. We have years of training and expertise in Foundation Repair West Peoria IL that can restore yours to good condition. In some cases, our crawl space repair solutions may be all that your home requires.

In any case, the sign of water issues is an unmistakable sign that you’ll want to take action right away. Our technicians know what to look for and can identify precisely what’s occurring with your foundation. Schedule a free estimate for Foundation Repair West Peoria IL today.