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On this post, we’ll look at a problem that affects a lot of Central Illinois homeowners: foundation upheaval.

Foundation upheaval is basically when a residential slab foundation shifts upward. Not surprisingly, it’s a problem that calls for Foundation Repair Peoria Heights IL. Think of upheaval as the opposite of foundation settlement.

Heaving typically impacts the perimeter of a concrete foundation. However, it can affect the interior of a home too. For example, hallways and doorways can sustain damage from foundation upheaval. Also, it can cause exterior garage walls to move out of alignment.

Foundation Repair Peoria Heights IL

Similar to foundation settling, it’s soil expansion that is often the cause of foundation upheaval. Clay soils in particular can expand and increase in volume as rainwater saturates it.

Furthermore, heavy rain can result in water accumulating beneath your home’s foundational slab. Additionally, plumbing leaks are another potential cause of this. In either case, soil naturally becomes heavier and heavier as it gets wet.

The increasing weight can eventually be enough that it forces the foundation to move upwards.

When this happens homeowners will frequently notice, for instance, that their doors start sticking. The solution is usually slab Foundation Repair Peoria Heights IL by an experienced contractor like Pivotal Basement Solutions.

Another cause of foundation problems is frost heave. When water falls below 32 degrees and starts to freeze, its volume increases by approximately ten percent. This creates more and more pressure against the foundation. Consequently, the foundation moves and cracks soon form and allow leaks.

It is not out of the ordinary for foundations to shift upwards as much as one or two inches. It takes even less shifting than that to result in severe foundation problems and leaking. Not just for homes, but also for commercial buildings, schools, shopping plazas and other commercial structures.