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It’s not at all uncommon for small cracks to appear on residential foundation walls. They typically form within the first year after initial construction. However, what about cracks that develop years later? And how can you determine if foundation settlement is the cause?

Drywall cracks that form around the corners of doors and windows are frequently because of foundation shifts. If you detect these types of cracks, don’t delay in contacting us for Foundation Repair Pekin IL. As a test, try placing a level upon a door or window frame.

If it is not level, foundation settling may well be occurring.

If you’re not the first owner of the house, take a thorough look at the areas surrounding. Try to determine if the cracks have been patched over before. In some cases, you will be able to see a rough finish or small bump where the patching took place.

Another sign to watch out with respect to drywall is nail pops. Nail pops happen when there are signs of drywall damage where the nails or screws are found. When the drywall moves, the mud covering the nails or screws will occasionally pop off.

This could be a clear sign that your foundation is settling, particularly if you can see more than one nail pop.

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Another sign to watch for is sticking windows and doors. This tends to be more frequent in older homes than newer ones. Sometimes there might be a moisture problem resulting from higher humidity levels simply parts of the window wearing out.

It might be due to a settling home foundation that causes the window and door to fall out of proper alignment.

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