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Once problems begin developing with a home’s foundation, they get harder and more costly to repair as time passes. When homeowners delay Foundation Repair Normal IL too long, these problems can result in water leaks and even safety risks. In addition, a home’s foundation issues can drive down its market value.

If you see cracks in your foundation, bowing walls in the basement or other signs of a possible foundation problem, consult with an expert soon. Call Pivotal Basement Solutions to schedule an appointment with our Foundation Repair Normal IL team.

After assessing its condition, we’ll recommend which repairs are right for your foundation and present a free estimate.

The Common Signs of Residential Foundation Damage

The soil layers under and around your home’s foundation can shift, expand and contract due to moisture and temperature. Consequently, the foundation settles and cracks form. Some of the signs of foundation problems are more obvious to detect than others.

For example, cracks are obviously easier to see than other signs.

Certain types of foundation cracks require different types of repairs. Foundation wall cracks raise a few issues. For instance, are they structural cracks that risk the overall strength and durability of the foundation wall? Are the cracks getting larger and what is the cause?

Another key question – naturally – is whether water is leaking in through the cracks. For practically any homeowner, these are issues that call for prompt solutions that last.

That’s why it’s important to contact Pivotal Basement Solutions for affordable Foundation Repair Normal IL. We’re standing by ready to perform free assessments of home foundations and recommend appropriate repairs.

Our proven and effective repair practices will restore the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

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Types of Home Foundation Cracks That Call for Repair

-Horizontal Cracks. This is typically a sign of a serious problem resulting from exterior soil pressure. Horizontal cracks occur when soil with a high moisture content exerts pressure against the foundation wall. Eventually, the wall will bow and display cracks.

Call for Foundation Repair Normal IL if there are horizontal cracks forming on your foundation walls.

-Vertical Cracks. These are usually the result of soil settling, which puts increasing pressure against foundation walls. Furthermore, vertical cracks frequently allow water leaks.

– “Stair Step” Cracks. Sometimes soil settling or pressure causes cracks on concrete block foundation walls. The cracks tend to form on the mortar joints in between the blocks. These cracks can extend all the way through the wall. “Stair step” cracks frequently signal problems with the foundation that require repair.

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What Causes Foundation Walls to Crack

-Shifting, Settling Soil. When soil underneath and surrounding a home’s foundation wall washes away due to rainfall, it settles and causes pressure. As we mention above, pressure from external, shifting soil can also cause foundation footing settlement.

-Shrinking Mortar or Concrete. These tend to cause small cracks – some even thinner than a fingernail. They typically remain the same size and don’t weaken the foundation’s stability. Nevertheless, an inspection of your foundation is very helpful for gauging the overall condition of the foundation.

-Pressure from External Soil. Outside the home’s foundation, expanding clay soil or saturated soil presses against foundation walls with unrelenting, significant force. When the pressure eventually becomes too much for the wall to withstand, cracks start to form.

In addition, bowing walls also result from clay soil expansion.

-Construction Flaws. Insufficient reinforcement, failing concrete and faulty footings are defects that can leave foundation walls vulnerable to cracking.

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