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It’s only natural for the soil underneath your home’s foundation to settle over time. Actually, soil typically settles in multiple layers over the course of several years. Each layer features varying characteristics, which can have an effect upon the structure above it.

When soil layers can no longer support the weight of the home sitting over it, the foundation starts to settle.

When this occurs, your Central Illinois is at risk of significant damage in various ways. However, knowing which warning signs to watch for is helpful. In many cases the signs are quite apparent. Taking prompt action and scheduling Foundation Repair Morton IL is the best way to protect your home.

Cracks on your home’s foundation is among the most obvious signs. Note that small cracks forming on concrete foundations is normal. They form as the concrete cures during the first year or so following construction.

However, when cracks start to form years after a home’s initial construction it signals that the foundation may be settling.

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Foundation wall cracks wider at the structure’s top may indicate that a section of the foundation is breaking away. If you see this occurring, it’s wise to not fill in the cracks yet. First, determine if the foundation needs stabilizing.

Our technicians can assess what’s going on with your foundation and advise an appropriate solution.

Another sign of foundation problems is when cracks develop above door frames and windows. It’s possible the cause may be excessive moisture. It may also indicate the need for Foundation Repair Morton IL. If foundation settling is the culprit, you’ll often see the cracks open again after patching them over.

Don’t hesitate to contact the foundation experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions to schedule a free estimate. If your home does require foundation work, you can count on us to get it done at a competitive price!