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Sooner or later during the course of owning a home, it’s common for foundation problems to occur. Certainly, because the foundation is such a critical part of a home’s structure, it requires prompt solutions.

Water leaks in the basement or cracks on the basement walls are among the most apparent signs of trouble.

Some of the other common signs include:

-Gaps around exterior doors and window frames. Homeowners frequently spot gaps forming around their external window frames. Likewise around their external doors. In some cases, they may even discover that their doors cannot latch securely any longer. This is a likely sign of a problem with the foundation.

For example, double doors may no longer align correctly, which makes it difficult for them to shut properly. Additionally, doorframes can get out of alignment and prevent the doors from functioning correctly. If you observe this indication at your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for Foundation Repair East Peoria IL.

Foundation Repair East Peoria IL

-Uneven, sagging basement floors. If you’re noticing that your home’s floors are no longer level or look to be sagging, this indicates a problem. When foundation failings affect piers and beams, floors will eventually tend to sag.

Along with simply being unappealing, uneven and sagging floors are unsafe. Certainly for households with children, seniors or anyone with a disability, this is a potential hazard. Floors that first look to be “off” by a half-inch can become uneven by as much as two inches.

To prevent hazards such as this, call us for Foundation Repair East Peoria IL right away. Foundation shifting is without a doubt an issue you’ll want to address promptly. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we help property owners in Central Illinois with a wide range of foundation and basement problems.

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