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Warning indicators of foundation problems can sometimes be tricky because they can resemble conditions that are not cause for immediate concern. For example, is that minor crack on the basement wall nothing to worry about or is it a warning sign of a house that’s sinking?

Other warning signs of the need to schedule Foundation Repair Decatur IL might not even be close to the foundation, like door frames separating from brick or windows that are out of square.

In many cases, only an experienced contractor is able to determine if there’s an issue with a foundation that requires repair right away.

Foundation Repair Decatur IL

-“Bouncing floors, rotting wood. If it feels like you are stepping on a trampoline as you walk across your floors, it can be an indicator of other problems besides the foundation.

If your floors are feeling bouncy, call to schedule an appointment so our service technicians can identify the problem and recommend solutions.

-Cracks on tiles. Even though tiles are fired at very hot temperatures and are very hard, they can also be quite brittle. Various things may cause tile to crack. If there are multiple tiles with cracks in your bathroom, kitchen or elsewhere in your home, this could be a sign you need Foundation Repair Decatur IL.

-Expansion joints separating.

Expansion joints are installed in structures in order to compensate for shifting that occurs due to soil movement, temperature changes, wind, humidity and other conditions.

A faulty foundation can lead to separation of the expansion joints, which then may lead to widespread cracks. Also, a failing expansion joint may cause the foundation to sink.

-Popping nails. While the sight of a couple nails poking out of drywall might appear be harmless, you should schedule Foundation Repair if it’s widespread.