Foundation Repair Champaign IL

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Some of the most common signs of the need for Foundation Repair Champaign IL include:

-Exterior wall cracks. Small, fine cracks along the exterior walls or along the steps are typically not something to worry about. However, larger exterior cracks in a zig-zag shape may signal that there is a problem wrong with your foundation.

-Cracks on interior sheetrock. The homeowner might suspect there’s a problem if the sheetrock cracks are in a zig-zag pattern and go to the full height of the wall. Also, if the wallpaper is peeling off the wall and there are some cracks where the ceiling and wall meet, call for Foundation Repair Champaign IL.

Foundation Repair Champaign IL

-Doors are hard to open or close, uneven flooring. After some years of settling, not many homes are fully plumb. However, it’s time to call a contractor when doors are out of square and there are cracks in the wall over it.

A homeowner should be concerned if the gradient of their floor is over 1 or 2 inches for every 15 feet.

-Window frames or door frames separating from brick. Without a doubt, this is a sign of the need to schedule Foundation Repair

-Rotting wood. Beams and piers that have rotting wood can be indications of several issues besides a faulty foundation, and all of them should be assessed by an experienced contractor.

Whether it is excessive humidity in a crawlspace or basement that’s causing the wood rot or the presence of carpenter ants or termites, rotting beams are not a good sign. Call the experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions at 217-860-0500 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced staff.

We’ll evaluate your foundation, identify where the problems are occurring and recommend the most effective and affordable solution.