Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Decatur IL

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Some of the most common causes of foundation settlement and the need for Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Decatur IL include:

-Soil expansion and contraction. Expansive soil tends to contract when it is too dry and then expand when it is oversaturated. In the absence of effective drainage solutions, a home built upon expansive soil may be subject to ongoing soil movement. When it’s wet, the soil will expand and washout.

When it’s dry, it crumbles and dries out. Inevitably, whether because of washout or dryness, the soil erodes or shifts, which leaves voids.

Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Decatur IL

-Heavy rains and flooding conditions can thoroughly saturate the soil that surrounds your foundation. Without sufficient drainage and grading of the landscape, streams of water can form underground and wash out the soil under your foundation. It will then be at risk of sinking into the gap.

A lengthy period without rain can also cause the soil under the foundation to crumble away, again resulting in a settling foundation.

-Fill soil not compacted. As part of the home construction process, builders will usually clear a large section of dirt to create a plot for the new house. After that, the builder casts the foundation footing, erects the foundation walls and pours the basement floor.

Next, the soil that was removed to form the plot is poured back in again around the house.

However, unlike the compact, firm soil that was initially taken out this “refill” soil tends to be loose. That makes it more susceptible to dry out or washout and the erosion that subsequently occurs.

If a builders does not effectively compact the refill soil before constructing the house on the foundation, it may accelerate the erosion underneath.
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