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It’s common for the foundations of homes and commercial buildings to settle over time. The gradual process of a house “settling in” as the soil beneath it adjusts to its weight is usually not a cause of concern.

Differential settlement, however, which occurs when the soil under the foundation shifts or erodes unevenly, can result in major structural damages.

Foundation settling happens when the soil under a home moves. As that occurs it leads to the formation of air pockets. Those pockets are not able support the weight of the foundation walls. Consequently, the walls will begin to crack and settle into those gaps.

Fortunately, it’s usually easy to identify when foundation settlement is occurring and take action before it worsens. The tell-tale warning sign of settlement problems is typically stair-step or vertical cracks on the walls.

Foundation Footing Settlement Repair Champaign IL – Call 217-860-0500

Foundation settlement can be divided into two different types: differential and uniform. Most buildings tend to settle at a very slow pace. Uniform settling is frequently hard to notice. It might be accompanied by drywall cracks and often causes the house to settle somewhat evenly, resulting in minor damage.

In contrast, differential settlement can cause different areas of the structure to shift unevenly. This may result in cracks on the exterior or interior foundation walls, uneven floors, stuck windows and doors or and other structural problems throughout the house.

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Whether it’s due to differential or uniform settlement, most foundation settlement is the result of shifting soil. There are frequently several soil layers under a house. The lowest layers usually have the higher capacity for supporting the soil. Foundation settling can happen when a home sits upon a layer that cannot support its weight.

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