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Are you experiencing problems with the indoor air quality in your Central Illinois home? A possible cause could be moisture and humid air in your crawl space. If there’s mold growing there, the mold spores become airborne and cause a potential health risk for your household.

Here are a few signs you should schedule Crawl Space Repair Peoria IL by the experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions.

-Dampness in the crawl space. If there’s a crawl space in your basement and there’s recently been a rainstorm, there could be standing water. An increase in the level of humidity you’re experiencing is a common sign of this. Other sources can result in standing water in a crawl space too.

For example, hydrostatic pressure or plumbing leaks are possible causes. If you are able to do so, take a look in your crawl space to check for standing water.

-Increasing indoor humidity. When water collects in a crawl space, it commonly results in higher humidity. Unfortunately, humidity is among the most problematic issues for a homeowner. It can result in mold, mildew and even weaken the home’s floor joists. That can compromise the integrity of your foundation.

Humidity is fairly easy to detect. Air from the lower levels of a house typically rise upwards. Consequently, if your indoor air is significantly more humid than the outdoor air, you’ll want to schedule service.

-Signs of condensation. When there’s high levels of humidity, condensation is often soon follow. When there’s lots of moisture within the air, it’ll soon begin collecting upon surfaces. Typically, condensation collects on floors, counters and furniture.

In addition, condensation can result in damp crawl space insulation.

When that occurs, it will probably need replacement.

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-Problems with floor joists or wood rot. When moisture impacts wood for enough time, it can start to show signs of rotting. If your flooring is starting to feel uneven or it’s visibly sloping, call for Crawl Space Repair Peoria IL.

-Spiking energy costs. Are you experiencing a sudden rise in your energy bills? If the insulation within your crawl space is drawing moisture, it may be a factor. If the indoor air is getting humid, it can cause your air conditioner to run longer. As a result, energy bills go up.

-Animals in the crawl space. The appearance of rodents and insects are a sign you need Crawl Space Repair Peoria IL.

If you’re hearing scratching sounds or spot rodents in your house, call us to inspect your crawl space.

-Mildew, musty odors. Moisture in a crawl space results in unpleasant odors. You might have already been noticing unusual odors in the house but not know the source.

Decaying particles of debris, rodents and dampness could be the main cause.

Since air circulates from a crawl space, it moves throughout the rest of the house, carrying musty odors with it.

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When it comes to expert Crawl Space Repair Peoria IL, it’s critical to adhere to best practices. Likewise with the other basement and foundation solutions we provide, we’ll repair your crawl space at affordable rates.

Without a doubt, time plays an important role if moisture is getting into your home’s crawl space. Call Pivotal Basement Solutions as soon as you see any of the warning signs we mention above.

By getting timely Crawl Space Repair Peoria IL that restores your crawl space to good condition, you’ll enhance the integrity and value of your residence.

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