Crawl Space Repair Decatur IL

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Pivotal Basement Solutions is a leading provider of affordable services for residential and commercial customers in Decatur and other Macon County communities. One of our specialties is the repair and maintenance of crawl spaces. Some of the signs you should schedule Crawl Space Repair Decatur IL are:

-Smells or other signs of animals and rodents. When there’s poor insulation in a crawl space, it makes it more likely for creatures such as mice, rats or even snakes to get in. If you notice scratching sounds or unusual odors in your home, consider getting your crawl space inspected.

Crawl Space Repair Decatur IL

Our service technicians can repair spaces permitting these pests to make their way in.

-Mildew and mold. This too can be a significant issue with crawl spaces and is something homeowners should watch out for. In closed areas such as a crawl space, the growth of mold can go unnoticed and continue spreading. However, you’ll detect the telltale odor of mold.

If you do, call Pivotal Basements Solutions to schedule service.

Mold and mildew can cause respiratory problems and trigger allergies. If you or members of your household are experiencing headaches, sneezing, coughing or congestion lately, this could be the cause.

It’s essential to eliminate mold before it gets worse – particularly if there is black mold spreading that risks causing other health risks.

-Musty odors. Too much moisture in a crawl space can cause unpleasant musty smells. You might have even noticed it but couldn’t determine where it was coming from. Decaying animal waste, debris and moisture are typically the main cause of these odors.

Because indoor air circulates from a home’s crawl space, it will go throughout other areas of the house and spread the odors. Crawl Space Repair Decatur IL can help reduce moisture problems and address this common problem.