Crawl Space Repair Champaign IL

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A crawl space can make it convenient to access vital areas of the home. Similar to other spaces in a house, regular maintenance is a necessity even for a crawl spaces.

If you are noticing some problems with your home’s indoor air quality, it might be due to moisture and humid air in your crawl space. The problem could be compounded if there’s mold growing in the crawl space.

The mold spores can mix into the humid air, presenting a health risk to your household that could trigger allergy symptoms.

Sign you should schedule Crawl Space Repair Champaign IL:

-Moisture, dampness in the crawl space. If your house has an open crawl space and there have been storms in your area recently, there could be water pooling in there. The degree of humidity you’re experiencing can be an indicator of standing water in your crawl space.

Other sources, though, might be the cause of standing water in a crawl space such as a plumbing leak or hydrostatic pressure.

If you’re able to take a look at your crawl space and confirm there is water in it, you may want to schedule Crawl Space Repair Champaign IL.

If there’s stagnant water in your crawl space, you’ll probably start noticing the indoor air feels muggy. Humidity is among the most problematic issues for homeowners because it can cause growth of mold and mildew and even weaken the floor joists, which would compromise the integrity of your foundation.

High humidity also can make it more expensive for you to air condition your household. The “stack effect”, which makes it easy to notice humidity, is when air from the lower levels of a house rises upwards.

If your indoor air feels more humid than the air outside, you might want to schedule Crawl Space Repair Champaign IL.