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We Specialize in Keeping Residential Basements Dry

At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we perform 100 percent safe and reliable Basement Waterproofing West Peoria IL services. Generally, basement waterproofing takes place from the interior. For example, steps like foundation crack repairing, interior drainage systems and installation of sump pumps.

On the other hand, foundation waterproofing typically occurs on a home’s exterior. Excavation is often part of the process except with new construction. Our foundation waterproofing applications can benefit a wide array of various foundation surfaces.

We can repair cinder blocks, concrete and limestone for common problems like leaks and seepage.

Pivotal Basement Solutions aims to resolve your concerns of wet, unhealthy environments by providing you with a secure, dry home. Conditions like mold and mildew naturally thrive in moist environments. Consequently, they can lead to cost damages.

Our Basement Waterproofing West Peoria IL services are standing by ready to restore your home.

When cracks form on foundation walls, they are often not noticeable to homeowners with a finished basement. Certainly, mold can grow and spread quickly. As a result, it can affect a basement’s framework, drywall and carpet.

Protect Your Basement with Professional Basement Waterproofing West Peoria IL

Pivotal Basement’s team brings a dedication to providing reliable waterproofing solutions. Also, while we’re doing our job, we keep disruptions for our customers to a minimum. Our teams pay close attention to each detail.

Our experience in the industry results in happy customers who know they can always rely on us for basement and foundation solutions. Without a doubt, we offer expertise in identifying and repair even minor basement water problems.

We offer competitive rates and high-quality workmanship for best customer satisfaction rate attainable. If you spot signs of water intrusion in your basement don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate at 309-216-4706.