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When a residential basement does not have adequate protection against water intrusion, it can be a pretty uninviting place to be. Unprotected basements (and crawl spaces) can be a magnet for excess moisture, standing water, damp odors and even the sort of pests and critters that thrive in those environments. Luckily, our Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL experts are available to help you convert your space into a much more pleasant, dry and secure environment.

Damp and chilly are some of most common terms that our customers will often use when they discuss their basements. What many do not see sometimes is that the condition of their basement can contribute to the general condition of their entire home. After all, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong in spaces that have a lot of excess moisture. Unfortunately, dampness doesn’t necessarily stop at the basement. It affects your walls, ceilings, foundations, and even the air you’re breathing.

Another problem is that a damp basement can increase your energy consumption and, as a result, energy costs. That’s where our Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL solutions can make a difference. The team at Pivotal Basement Solutions offers a variety of services to take on mold-prone and damp spaces. Whether you’re planning to convert your basement or simply want to make it more energy-efficient and welcoming, basement waterproofing can provide the results you need. Contact us today!

Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL

Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL

Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL and Repair Services
Every residential basement is unique. Consequently, the staff of experts at Pivotal Basement Solutions designs customized basement waterproofing that fits each customers’ home. In our experience, there is more than only one way of approaching waterproofing needs. We utilize the highest quality and best, most durable materials on the marketplace today to transform your wet basement into a secure and dry space. We’re available to address specific basement concerns and provide services for:

Flooding and standing water
Mildew and mold
Pest infestation
Moisture seeping up through floors and walls
Condensation issues from walls and heating and cooling units
Repair insulation falling loose from floor joists

Insulating Basement Walls
Our approach to basement insulation differs according to your needs. We’ll propose a complete Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL service to protect your home against moisture infiltration. Professional encapsulation of your basement allows our technicians to address areas that are vulnerable to moisture infiltration. It is a very effective strategy for unfinished basements.

Foundation Cracks
Moisture can steadily infiltrate your residential basement through the floors and walls. Houses in damp locations frequently contend with excess water around their foundations, which can result in cracks. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, our team ensures that your foundation waterproofing is comprehensive, sealing all foundation cracks that are prone to letting the moisture seep in. This serves to protect your basement from external water pressure from the surrounding soil. In addition, it also strengthens the structure of your house.

Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL

Basement Water Extraction
We have seen a lot homeowners who worry about the standing water collecting in their basement. It can be the result of moisture getting in through window wells, leaks and open vents. Our team provides a variety of reliable solutions for this problem that drains water away from the affected area. One of the ways you can ease the water pressure against your foundation is by installing a new gutter system. We also focus on equipping your home’s basement with effective drainage solutions, including grading and installing downspout extensions.

Repairing Water Damage
Our Basement Waterproofing Pottstown IL team is dedicated to addressing and fixing the results of water damages by strengthening your home’s basement with strategies such as:

-Mold and pest removal services.
-Repair foundation cracks.
-Replace insulation affected by moisture.
-Protect plumbing and electrical systems.