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Does water get into your basement when it rains? Water problems are a common cause of mold and mildew, wood rot and damage to furniture and electronics. The answer to this common issue that affects many homeowners in Central Illinois is Basement Waterproofing Peoria Heights IL.

However, each home’s water problems are unique. There are multiple different ways that water may seep into your basement. Consequently, there are various methods for stopping leaks. At Pivotal Basement Solutions, we specialize in waterproofing basements for home of all sizes throughout Central Illinois.

Regardless of your homes size and its date of construction, we can put an end to water problems.

Whether you spot water leaking in through the floor or see areas of mold on the walls, water in your basement calls for prompt action. Without a doubt, practically any residential basement is vulnerable at some point to water intrusion.

That’s why most homeowners will need to resolve their water intrusion problem sooner or later with Basement Waterproofing Peoria Heights IL.

Because there are a variety of factors that cause water leaks, identifying the accurately problem is important. Our technicians are experts at locating the source of a leak and recommending the best way to prevent them.

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Water will always follow the route of least resistance. Not surprisingly, basements are prone to moisture because they are at or lower than ground level. This makes remaining aware of the signs of basement flooding an important factor in protecting yours.

In addition to keeping your basement and its contents dry, waterproofing enhances market value too. Don’t let water leaks continue causing problems in your basement! Our Basement Waterproofing are proven to stop leaks and protect homes.