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What are some causes of water in residential basements?

Water collects along the home’s base in exterior drainage tiles. Consequently, it creates a condition of hydro-static pressure which constantly presses against the home’s foundation. Furthermore, as time passes, the water inevitably seeps into the foundation and mortar joints.

Following are some of the most common signs that your home probably has a basement water problem:

-Musty odors, general feeling of dampness.

-Mold growing along the block wall or baseboards.

-Water stains on the drywall.

-Damp spots on carpeting.

-Cracks on basement walls.

-Areas of standing water in basement. In addition, water seepage can occur in crawl spaces too.

Why it’s important to schedule Basement Waterproofing Pekin IL whenever you notice these warning signs.

-Mold growth. It’s obviously essential for a residential basement to remain dry and clean. One of the main reasons is that much of indoor air circulates through it. If there is mildew and moisture in the basement it becomes part of the air that your household breathes.

-Risks integrity of the foundation. Stagnant pools of water over time diminishes the structural strength and results in foundation problems.

-Energy Efficiency. Basement Waterproofing Pekin IL will help make it easier to heat and cool your indoor air.

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Talk to Pivotal Basement Solutions if your suspect your home’s foundation is settling. Besides our waterproofing expertise, we also provide affordable foundation repair.

Reliable support and structural stability is essential for any home. However, drainage problems, changing conditions of soil and time can start to wear on a foundation’s stability. To spot and resolve problems early, check for signs like cracks in the foundation, gaps forming in windows or doors out of alignment.

Our experienced technicians can inspect your home’s basement and foundation. After a thorough assessment, we’ll suggest if foundation repair or Basement Waterproofing Pekin IL is your best solution. Without a doubt, our services will help restore your home to good condition and stop moisture damage.