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Basement Waterproofing Morton IL

Basement Waterproofing Morton IL basically refers to preventing water from entering residential basements. Truly effective waterproofing will typically involve both sealants and drainage.

For practically any structure that’s on or below ground level, waterproofing is a necessity. Furthermore, waterproofing is particularly important for locations where ground water is prone to building up in the surrounding soil.

This increase in moisture content results in hydrostatic pressure, which exerts against basement flooring and walls. Hydrostatic pressure directs water through foundation wall cracks that result from soil expansion.

Also, contraction of the foundation footing wall joints also creates openings where water intrudes. Hydrostatic pressure can lead to significant structural problems for foundation walls. It’s a likely contributor problems like mold and mildew as well as wood rot.

Basement Waterproofing Morton IL

Along with hydrostatic pressure, later pressure is another cause of basement water intrusion. During standard conditions, water in the soil around your home doesn’t typically pose a hazard. However, this soil is often not very compact. Loose soil will naturally absorb more water.

That increase means there is simply more water around the structure that may seep in.

Window wells are another common factor when it comes to basement water problems. The function of basement windows is to permit daylight and airflow into the basement. However, in times of heavy rainfall water may collect in the window wells.

As that occurs, pressure rises and can lead to seepage through gaps surrounding the windows.

A typical cause of basement flooding is when water accumulates inside window wells. As that water continues to rises next to the window the pressure continues to build. Seepage then tends to occur through the gaps and seals.

However, when pressure attains a certain level, the window will fail and result in basement flooding. Don’t allow water problems to diminish your home’s value! Call the Basement Waterproofing Morton IL experts today!