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Pivotal Basement Solutions is a leading provider of basement waterproofing services for Peoria and surrounding communities. We offer affordable solutions to the following common problems that many homeowners experience:

Exterior Water Problems. These common issues typically include standing pools of water in the lawn or water leaking in over the foundation. Other warning signs include water collecting in window wells and gutter downspouts directing water close to the foundation.

Our Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL includes corrective measures for your yard’s grade, extending the downspouts and installation of French drains.

Hydrostatic Pressure. This term describes high water tables. In the Central Illinois region, water tables can fluctuate due to rainfalls, melting snow and periods of drought. When water tables rise to a certain level, water flows through cracks in basement floors.

Or, water seeps around the home’s perimeter at the floor and along wall seams.

Our Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL solution call for the installation of effective interior drain systems such as sump pumps. The pumps serve to relieve the hydrostatic pressure around the foundation. As a result, it keeps the water table beneath the basement floor.

Foundation Wall Cracks. With poured foundation walls, it’s not unusual for cracks to form. This permits water seepage during heavy rainfalls. When this happens, our technicians can inject epoxy/urethane crack filler, which prevents water from coming in through the cracks.

For homes with block foundation walls, problems start when the mortar joints deteriorate. That’s when water can get into the basement. Our solutions entail thorough cleanings and tuck-pointing the restore the mortar joints.

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Water in your home’s basement will inevitably lead to problems like mold growth, flooding and furniture damage. It’s an issue that calls for prompt Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL.

The most critical step to take if you observe water in your basement is to take action promptly.

Without a doubt, even fairly minor amounts of water will result in expensive problems. For example, mold growth can expand rapidly, which is a major problem for anyone with allergies. Additionally, foundation leaks can lead to foundation failings that cost more to fix down the road.

Common Signs You’re in Need of Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL

For any homeowner, there aren’t many issues more concerning than water seepage. The damages to a home’s basic structure that water can do is significant. Furthermore, the health concerns that result from mold call for prompt solutions.

After water starts getting into your basement, the damage often means replacing drywall and insulation. Also, depending upon how much damage results, replacing the framing may be necessary too.

If you observe any of these following warning signs contact Pivotal Basement Solutions for an estimate right away. Naturally, some signs are far more obvious than others. However, each calls for solutions as soon as possible.

-Puddles of water collecting on the basement floor.

-Water stains forming on the basement walls or floor.

-Water leaks coming in through the walls.

-Condensation forming on the basement doors and windows.

-Warping, swelling doors in the basement.

-A persistent odor of dampness and mildew. Or, areas where you see mold and mildew growing.

-Cracks on the basement walls or floor.

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to simply not notice signs of water leaks in their basement right away. Unfortunately, when water leaks continue for a length of time, damage is already happening. Water can compromise a home’s foundation, which requires fast repairs.

If you spot cracks or bowing on the walls in your basement, it’s definitely time to schedule service.

Our Basement Waterproofing Bloomington IL is ideal for preventing these types of problems from occurring in your home! Schedule an estimate today at 309-216-4706.