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Vertical, horizontal and diagonal cracks on basement walls may result from structural issues, leaking issues or both. To that end, it is helpful for homeowners to know which cracks are relatively minor and which are serious and need Basement Wall Crack Repair major, and which ones are minor.

The seriousness partly depends upon factors such as the size, location, direction and shape of the cracks. Note that it’s quite common for cracks to form on basement walls, whatever type of wall it might be.

-Poured-in-place concrete basement walls are the most commonly installed type for homes nationwide. They’re typically made by pouring the concrete into wood or metal forms. The forms are then taken out after the concrete hardens.

-Masonry block walls. These are made with rectangular-shaped blocks frequently known as concrete or cinder blocks. This variety of wall is also common for many residential basements.

-Precast concrete. This type of concrete wall is constructed offsite, brought to the job site and set in position.

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-Stone, clay and brick tile. These types of basement walls can often be found in older, historic homes. Because of the age and design of these walls, they’ll tend to have more cracks and water leaks than other wall types and require Basement Wall Crack Repair Champaign IL sooner.

Cracks on masonry block walls will often form at the grout joints because they’re usually less strong than the blocks. The cracks might run straight, at an angle or stair-stepped.

When it comes to the most commonly installed types of basement walls, poured-in-place concrete is usually viewed as stronger, while masonry block walls are often the more economical way to go. However, each types are generally acceptable for basement wall construction.

The need for Basement Wall Crack Repair Champaign IL can occur due to pressure from water and soil against the basement wall, the contraction process of concrete or other factors.

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